Baliem Valley Papua

You have probably seen the famous photos of Dani tribe members with boar tusks in their noses, and headdresses made of Paradise birds feathers. Dani men only wear long and thin kotekas. The women Danis wear short skirts woven from orchid fibers, decorated with straw, and with indispensable woven bags called “noken” across their backs. Similar to the women of the Yali tribe, the Dani women wear short skirts below their butts.

Despite the fact that Danis were discovered quite late – in 1938, they became one of the best known tribes in New Guinea. Dani occupied one of the most fertile parts of Papua. As a result they often had to fight for their territory. There were also frequent wars among the Danis themselves. They were the most dreaded head-hunting tribe on the island, which is even more remarkable if we consider that they did not eat their enemies, like the majority of other Papuan tribes did.

Jefalgi Papua Tours – With us you can be in a face to face contact with Dani people. Dani build round or oval huts, and their villages are enclosed by fences. They are farmers, and their small fields are distinctly bordered. This is what helped Richard Archbold spot them from the plane. The Dani tribe’s customs and culture are very rich and interesting.

Wamena was a point of departure for many expeditions. The Dani villages are visited by virtually every tourist who sets out in west Papua. Some villages even show their original customs and hold mock wars. Another thing which brought fame to the Dani tribe are the several hundred years old ”smoked” mummies of famous tribesmen. Three of them can be seen in the Baliem valley – in Akima, Pumo and Jiwika villages.

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    Planning to visit Baliem Valley Festival in 2018. Would be needing more details. Could you please share your mail id and whatsapp number.


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    How many days would you say I would get the most value out of a Baliem Valley tour?
    I ned to leave for Manado on the 13th of July. Do you have a tour I could join or would I have to pay a single surcharge that makes this non-affordable for one person?
    The earliest I can arrive to Jayapura is the 6th of July.


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