7 days baliem valley, option b

Outline Itinerary:

Day 01:  Jayapura Arrival – Flight Wamena,  Traditional Houses, Cave, Traditional Market (-/L/-)
Arrive at Jayapura Sentani Airport and take a short flight to Wamena with schedule 10:20am or 12:30am. (Please note: flights are very often delayed due to weather conditions and we strongly recommend carrying baggage as needed for your trip in the Baliem valley. We will help you to arrange it and keep it with us before leaving). We begin our tour to Aikima in direction to the northern part of the Baliem Valley. Few kilometers from Town by drive to Aikima village to  explore the Local traditional people of baliem valley. Along the way you will find the Danis working in their sweet potatoes fields and will see their daily activities. Arrive at Suroba, walk through the pine forest, enjoy the beautiful nature setting and crossing a bridge over Aike river before you arrive at the main road where the car is waiting for you.A section of this huge cave is partially broken down, a condition that contributes to lush vegetation. Late afternoon back to the town and stop at traditional market. Accommodation at hotel, dinner will be on your account.

Day 02:   Trekking To Kilise   (B/L/D)
By Car drive to Sogokomo is direction to Southern Baliem Valley. From here  where the trekking begins with all the porters and cook to reach Kilise in approx. 3 hours up and down the little hills. Afternoon arrive at Kilise village, dinner will be  provided by cook and overnight stay at Dani Typical Guest house.(Walk approx.3-4hours).

Day 03:   Trekking To Ugem  (B/L/D) 
Trek down and crossing the  suspension bridge on Baliem River  in approx 1 hour through the beautiful country side and Dani villages to Ugem. You will encounter and greeted by the Dani people who work in their steep sweet potato garden, lunch en route at river bank. Then proceed trekking to Ugem village, Accommodation at the Local People Houses.  Dinner  will be prepared by cook and stay at local houses. (Walk approx. 5-6 hours)

Day 04:  Trekking Back To Wamena  (B/L/-)
Early In the morning, hike down through the beautiful country side and Dani villages. You will encounter and greeted by the Dani people who work in their steep sweet potato garden. The trail is steep and could be very sleeper if it is in rainy season. then continue the last trekking day back to Kurima with regular path of local people, and view  suspension hanging bridge over Baliem river. We walk at Baliem river bank until Kurima. Picnic lunch have provided, afternoon arrive in Kurima and Yetni then catch the car for drive back to Wamena.  Dinner will be on your account and Accommodation at hotel.

Day 05:  Salt Spring,  Mummy, Mock Battle/Traditional Dances  (B/L/-)
In the morning we drive up to Jiwika in the central Baliem Valley. Our one hour trek begins at the base of the mountain and ascends 300 meters through a beautiful rainforest, reaching the traditional salt spring of a Dani clan. Clothed in their traditional costumes, the native inhabitants will demonstrate the old techniques of the salt production. Following the demonstration, we will have our lunch on the mountains base then walk down to a Kurulu hamlet, where a very old mummy of the famous Dugum clan is proudly presented for your viewing. Afterwards the women show us how the brought brine is processed. In the vicinity we will see more picturesque hamlets.

Everywhere the friendly natives offer their arts and crafts, weapons and curiosities for our inspection. A special welcome will be given to you upon your arrival in the Village; the tribe member will assemble wearing their best outfit to show their appreciation. The Tribe chief will stand on a Traditional Observation and give the order to his people to celebrate. A special “Mock Battle” is one of the most interesting exhibitions you will see on traveling to Papua. Photographer and moviemakers has said that this unique event cannot be described by words alone, you have to see it with your own eyes.  Lunchboxes will be served in the villages. In the late afternoon drive back to the Hotel.  Dinner will be on your account and Accommodation at hotel.

Day 06:  Panorama of Lake Habema  (B/L/-)
After breakfast at hotel, drive by car  in approx 2 hours. You may stop on the way for photography of beautiful side of Baliem valley (2500 meters above sea level).  Lake Habema is under Trikora Mountain at 4.743 meters above sea level in Papua second highest mountain. Lake habema is wide and cold reflecting the mountain and sky, a sponge of mosses, tea brown streams and strange vegetation. The air is thin and cold and at night every star is visible. No one lives permanently in this forest, as the altitude and thick vegetation preclude sweet potato cultivation. Walking around while enjoy the beautiful nature of lake Habema. Afternoon we drive back to Wamena by drive car in 2 hours. Lunch in Box is provided and Accommodation at hotel, dinner will be on your account.

Day 07:   Wamena – Jayapura Departure (-/-/-)
The flight very early in the morning, without any breakfast, transfer at 05:00 am to airport for your flight to  Jayapura at schedule at 06:15 am. By direct flight for Sorong, Makasar, Jakarta or Denpasar.

Tour Program and itinerary are subject to change in accordance with local situation and condition. In general:  Infrastructure, Flights, Weather and etc.