Baliem Valley Festival – Papua

Baliem Valley Festival-2020.  This is the one occasion when Dani People from the highlands of Wamena congregate to celebrate their annual festival. Be part of Visit Indonesia Year 2020 in Papua.

Wamena well known because of the “The Baliem Valley Cultural Festival. It is one the biggest and exciting cultural events going on. It will be held at 07th to 9th of August this year. this is a good time for you to view If you would like to see more than 500 Papuan tribes attraction.

The Baliem Valley Cultural festival is yearly events will be held on every August.  The place where they hold the ceremony changes from year to year.  The festival has many traditional activities. There are large groups of men cooking pigs and sweet potatoes in the traditional earth oven fires. Also there is a mock battle to show you how they used to fight in the old days. And there are newer activities, like bow and arrow competitions. And even foreigners can get involved in this activity.

Papua Festival

The Baliem Valley Cultural Festival is a  very rare chance to witness clans from different indigenous tribes  displaying their culture and skills in tribal warfare, dance and  music. It is a truly unforgettable experience and a real once in a  lifetime opportunity

After festival dates you can drive in  40 minutes drive to Jiwika village, walk a minutes to the village of Sumpaima to view the 250 years old Mummy. From Sumpaima walk another 10 minutes to the nearby village of Anemoigi to see  another Dani people family with their traditional  houses.  You will see and experience the local culture and have an opportunity to interact with local villagers while you can buy their handicraft as your souvenir. Before return to Wamena you still have chance to visit Waga-Waga village to explore Contilola cave which can be reach 15 minutes by car.

baliem valley festival

Trekking tour in baliem valley is the best option among the other tours in highland of papua, you can do some day trek before the festival is done. Also in the western of baliem valley area you can experience the culture and tribal war. Have a look some of our papua tour packages describing the tour with some options.

baliem valley festival

Papua Festival

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