Birds Watching in Papua

Birding in Foot of Cyclop in Papua

In Jayapura, Foots of Mt. Cyclop of  Papua, here can be found many species. For some, like Northern Cassowary, Victoria Crowned Pigeon and Brown-collared Brush-turkey, Twelve-wired Bop and Pale-billed Sicklebill are most commonly seen from the side trails from Jalan Korea, as is Blue-and-Black Kingfisher, Brown Lory and Brown-necked Crow. Hook-billed Kingfisher can be heard calling at many place but can be seen at the edge of the small forest patch. This is also where Papuan Hawk-owl has recently been seen.

From a base in Mt Cycloop there are lots of options for birding. these are some kind pictures we can show you: