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Group Scheduled 2018

Outline Itinerary

AUGUST  01st  (Wednesday):  
You may arrive in Papua by today latest at 09:00 am but very recommended to be arrive one day earlier in Papua at Sentani Airport (July 31st). Morning arrival to Jayapura – the capital of Papua province and the largest city on the Indonesian side of the island. Approximately hour-long flight over Jayawijaya Mountains giving a  fascinating  experience  itself  –  from  the  windows  of  the  aircraft  extends  an unforgettable view of the wild interior of the island – dense stretches of rainforest, serpentines of mighty rivers, hills and jagged mountain peaks, with few traces of human presence in the vast ocean of the jungle.

AUGUST 02nd (Thursday):
From Brazza river up to Kolf River on destination to Mabul or baygon. Depends with rivers high condition, sometime the water river down to 1 meter (low tide), the boat have to be slower. There is a lot of wildlife to be seen on the way – sometimes the world’s biggest crocodiles lurking in the water, sometimes water turtles, sometimes just birds and parrots. From now on forget about privacy – the Papuan kids will be following your every single step and watching you closely. Westerners are probably bigger attraction for Papuans than Papuans for Westerners. Dinner prepared by a cook and night spent in the local house.

AUGUST 03rd – 05th (Friday – Sunday) :
We will spend these 3 days adventure is some of the most pristine lowland rain forest in the world. We will visit several “rumah tinggi” and its inhabitants. We will choose the most accommodating spot to spend more time there thus we’ll be able to take a closer look at the daily life of Korowai and learn their – sometimes shocking – customs. Be ready for getting wet and dirty! Our way will go through huge swamps and rain forest and will  cross many bigger and smaller rivers. Sometimes to cross the river we’ll chop down a tree and build a provisional bridge. The group will be at all times accompanied by porters and a local guide / hunter hired in the first village. During the 3 days in the jungle, we will not only visit several settlements cut off  from civilization, but also have a unique chance to experience the beauty and menacing power of one of the wildest stretches of rainforest in the world.

But above all – you will meet remarkable people from a completely different world. The tribes of Korowai  is one of the most isolated and least known ethnic groups of Melanesia, still steering clear of the missionaries who have been more and more successful at converting other tribes in the past three decades.

AUGUST 06th  (Monday):
Early in the morning return to the Mabul village. Farewell to the porters and repacking our equipment. All-day-long boat trip on the Brazza and Siret River back to Dekai. Pick up from the harbor and drive back to town. Accommodation in a local hostel (very basic conditions). Lunch and dinner will be in the small Warung (Food Stalls).

AUGUST 07th  (Tuesday):
Simple breakfast at Hotel and lunch will be in the small Warung (Food Stalls).
By IL2210 at 14:10PM flight to Wamena  (baggage allowance for this flight is 10kg per person only). this flight will depend on the weather conditions. Drive to the Hotel for our accommodation. The rest of the day is free to relax after an exhausting expedition. Accommodation in very simple accommodation. Lunch will be in the small Warung (Food Stalls). Dinner will be on your account.

AUGUST 08th  (Wednesday):
In the morning we drive up to Kurulu district in the central Baliem Valley where a very old mummy of the famous Dogum clan is proudly presented for your viewing. In the vicinity we will see more picturesque hamlets.You will see and experience the local culture and  have an opportunity to interact with local villagers.
Baliem Valley Festival As indicated in the calender that today is a for you to enjoy the Baliem Valley  Festival. (entrance fee to the festival is included) We are with you all day to ensure you  understand what is going on and enjoy every minute of this unique  tribal festival. Spend the day at the Festival site and participate in various  activities of the Festival. The Baliem Valley Cultural Festival is a  very rare chance to witness clans from different indigenous tribes  displaying their culture and skills in tribal warfare, dance and  music. It is a truly unforgettable experience and a real once in a  lifetime opportunity. Lunch boxes will be provided in the festival place. Late afternoon drive back to Wamena and stay at Medium Accommodation. Dinner will be on your account.

wonderful indonesia papua

AUGUST 09th  (Thursday):
Still on the festival, After breakfast we will travel by chartered car to the location of the Baliem Valley festival (entrance fee to the festival is included). The place where they hold the ceremony changes from year to year.  The festival has many traditional activities. There is traditional Dani tribe dancing and singing. Also there is a mock battle to show you how they used to fight in the old days. And there are newer activities, like bow and arrow competitions. And even foreigners can get involved in this activity. All tour and festival dates will be adjusted according to local condition.  You will have a chance to see and enjoy these cultural festival for one day.  Lunch boxes will be provided in the festival place. Late afternoon drive back to Wamena for accommodation. Dinner will be on your account.

AUGUST 10th  (Friday):
Early in the morning we’ll transfer you to the airport where you’ll board the first flight to Jayapura by IW1630 at 06:15 AM (baggage allowed for this flight is only 10kg per passenger). Here you’ll catch your connecting flight to Sorong,  Raja Ampat, Jakarta or Denpasar.

Please note : Above program and tour  itinerary is flexible or depend on local conditions,  flights, weather, etc….

    # Reservation/Booking is made Before May 30th = 2,700 US$ Per Person
    # Additional Cost 200 US$ when booking is made after May 30th
    # Additional Cost for Single Room at Hotel (When available), = 250 US$.


  • Internal Flight Jayapura – Yahokimo/Dekai – Wamena – Jayapura return.
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Porters at Airport & Porters during Trek
  • Cook during Trek with basic equipment
  • Meals/Foods during Trek
  • All Land Transports / Airport Transfers
  • Motorized canoe charter
  • 4 Nights Accommodations at local house, jungle, with a thin rubber mats & thin blankets.
  • 1 Night stay in very basic accommodation in Yahokimo
  • 3 Night stay at Very Simple Accommodation in Wamena
  • All Necessary Travel Permit of Papua

All Insurances, Dinner in the town, Telephone, Laundry, beverage, International Flight, Domestic Airfares ie: Jakarta/Bali/Makasar to Jayapura and return with its Airport taxes, Personal Expenses.


  1. Ask us first by filling the following form. We will let you know when this trip still opening or not.  If still, we will asking you to send your complete name.
  2. For knowing that you are serious to Join on our group, a deposit 100 US$ Per Person is required to confirm your reservation. (this 100 US$ is part of Tour Price – Nonrefundable when canceled).
  3. Scan Passport and Pass photo can be sent later, but recommended to send them when you made reservation to us.
  4. First Come First Served basis


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Baliem Valley Tours

Wamena was a point of departure for many expeditions. The Dani villages are visited by virtually every tourist who sets out in Papua. Some villages even show their original customs and hold mock wars. With us you can be in a face to face contact with Dani people. Dani build round or oval huts, and their villages are enclosed by fences. They are farmers, and their small fields are distinctly bordered. This is what helped Richard Archbold spot them from the plane. The Dani tribe’s customs and culture are very rich and interesting.  The main reason that the Dani tribe is so well known, is that the Baliem valley where they live, is relatively easy to reach these days. read more

Adventure to Korowai Territory

Korowai – tree people – one of the least civilized tribes on Papua. Women walk half-naked, their genitals covered only with grass skirts. They decorate themselves with dog and pig teeth and with tusks of wild boars. Some of them still live in the houses built in tree-tops. Korowai Tribe live in an area which is behind the imaginary “pacification line“. Korowai tribe is for the larger part an intolerant tribe, which rejects civilization and contact with missionaries or neighboring tribes. Despite that, we managed to get into their territory and become to a certain extend friends with them. Our friendship is fragile, very unstable and uncertain when it comes to their. read more.

Raja Ampat West Papua

One of the more intriguing vacation destinations recommended is that of Raja Ampat, located off the coast of New Guinea in Indonesia’s West Papua province. The region is an archipelago comprised of more than 1,000 small islands and four main islands. The name actually means “Four Kings,” and dates back to local folklore concerning eggs hatching into kings, which are symbolized by the four main islands of Misool, Salawati, Waigeo and Batanta. The Raja Ampat has been called the Amazon of the Oceans and rates as number one for the region of the world containing the most underwater biodiversity. It’s one of the best places on earth for snorkeling or even diving, and the locals welcome visitors.. read more


Hi all…We’re a young Portuguese couple living and working in Timor-Leste and we have just came back from a trip to Papua and West Papua: Jayapura/Sentani, Raja Ampat and Baliem Valley. As already noted in a previous post, this is Papua and West Papua, not PNG. In Raja Ampat we did boat tours, scuba-diving and bird-watching; in Baliem Valley we did a 4-day trek among the Dani villages. We had a truly fantastic time and it was largely thanks to Athan and the team at Jefalgi Papua Tours, who did everything to meet our requests, keep us safe, help us with the flights and transfers, answer all our questions, and generally make sure we had a truly unforgettable trip. They really went out of their way to help us with everything, so we really recommend them to anyone planning to travel in Papua and West Papua. Hopefully we’ll be back next year to do the Korowai trip! thanks  Alexmore.

These are some our  group scheduled for 2017,  Join us !!

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At Jefalgi Papua Tours, we understand that it can be hard for singles to find people to travel with, so we will coordinating everything for you what you need. We pride ourselves on providing first pre-planned trips for singles to the most sought after destinations all over Papua, and our refined roommate matching service ensures a comfortable vacation experience. When you travel solo with us, we strive to help you explore papua.

Whether you’re single and looking for a way to meet new people, or just need a little vacation, Jefalgi Papua Tours will leave you with lifelong connections and lasting memories.

Why travel alone to papua ?
Solo travel can be the ultimate in self-indulgence; you can rest when you want and pour it on when you’re feeling ambitious. Another benefit is that your mistakes are your own, and your triumphs all the more exciting. There’s no worrying that your insistence on trekking all the way across town to a museum that was closed ruined your partner’s day; it’s your own day to salvage or chalk up to a learning experience.

single traveler
travel alone to papua

Perhaps the foremost concern of the solo or single traveler is safety. Without a companion to watch your back, you are more vulnerable to criminals and scam artists, as well as simple health worries. But the saying “safety in numbers” isn’t necessarily true – a solo traveler can blend in more easily than a group, and not drawing attention to yourself as a tourist is one way to stay secure. Here are a few tips:

  • Know how long it takes and how much it costs to get from the airport to your hotel or to the city center. Solo travelers are more likely to be “taken for a ride,” so ask the taxi driver how much it will cost before you leave. If it’s considerably different from what you know to be true, take a different cab.

  • Find out if hotels at your destination are open late.
  • Be your own best counsel; if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.
  • Carry good identification, in more than one place.
  • Keep to open and public places, especially at night.
  • Exude confidence and walk purposefully.
  • Avoid appearing like a tourist.
  • Don’t draw attention to yourself by wearing flashy clothes or jewelry.
  • Lie a little. Not only can you invent your own persona or history, but you can also make your life easier with little white lies. When asking directions, don’t let on that you are alone: “Can you direct me to the museum? I have to meet a friend there at 12:00 pm.”
  • Check your maps and transportation schedules before leaving your hotel/rental car/tourist office. A solo traveler poring over maps can be a mark for unsavory types.
  • Leave a copy of your itinerary with a friend or family member at home, and stay in touch regularly via phone or e-mail if it is possible.
  • While on the car call some one you have known before.
  • that’s  all.


when you feel lonely you may join our group here

raja ampat


According to the Conservation International Rapid Assessment Bulletin, the marine life diversity for scuba swim in West Papua is considerably greater than all another areas sampled in the coral polygon of Indonesia, state and island New Guinea – the cream of the cream in world diving. Over 1,200 fish species – a world achievement 284 on one azygos dive at Kofiau Island, the criterion figure for an excellent dive site of 200 fish species surpassed on 51% of Raja Ampat dives (another world record), 600 coral species, 699 invertebrate species – again another world high. The term “Frontier Diving” seems to have been invented for raja ampat in west papua.

To meet these waters is to feel at the bounds of the earth. To gaze over crystalline seas at the beehive-shaped, largely depopulated islands is to be as farther away from it all as you can imagine. At night time in Misool you can peer discover at the scope and maybe wager one or digit distant specks of light.


Activities like diving in Raja Ampat to view another life in the underwater world, of course diving activities makes us long life, some of our previous clients say that the beauty of the underwater Raja Ampat is fabulous and the only one in the world and probably the best dive spot in Indonesia. Learning to dive is not difficult, just for basic training for the traveled under water, our instructors will provide basic education how to dive safely and fun, it will probably take 1 to 2 days, after that you can dive as much to enjoy the underwater of Raja Ampat guided by our dive master.

Our Tour Packages of Raja Ampat – West Papua.