Kaimana west papua

Kaimana Tourism

In Kaimana there are many tourist attractions that have not been touched by ignorant hands. The beauty of dusk scenery in this area became a leading tourist.

Kaimana Regency has tourism potential is quite amazing. In addition to natural and marine tourism, the area known as the Twilight Kaimana also has several other tourism objects such as ancient cadas paintings and waterfalls in the Gulf of Triton. The history of the eagle (symbol of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia).

One of the other natural tourism potentials found in Kaimana is the famous Triton Bay for its beautiful underwater panorama.

As for other areas, adjacent to Kaimana such as, Raja Ampat, Arfak Mountains and Wondama Bay, Kaimana government was serious enough to develop the tourism sector.

You can certainly watch while in Kaimana is the twilight panorama. In Bisari Bay, you will find the beauty of nature’s work in the form of a vast coral gardens. You can see directly turtles laying on Venue Island. The island is a nest of rare turtle eggs, some endemic animals and migrant animals such as Maleo Bird and Pelikan Bird.


Triton Bay is ready to pamper you with underwater paradise that will make you fascinated. Please diving or snorkeling at Triton Bay to pamper your eyesight. The same thing you can do in the waters of Aiduma Island. In the waters of this island you can also fish and play jet ski. For those who like adventure can do trekking along Papua forest along the seven kilometers to enjoy the unique charm of Lake Kamaka.

Venue Island, is one of the small islands located in the south of Buruway District which is only about 15 ha. The island has white sand beaches and beautiful coral reefs. As the name implies, it is the nesting nest of leatherback turtles and some endemic and migrant wildlife. White sand beach is a place to spawn leatherback turtle and birds Maleo. Migrant animals such as Pelicans from Australia periodically each year are present in the island to simply avoid extreme seasons in their natural habitat and sometimes make the island a niche for breeding. During the day, many bats hung on the pine-grown beaches of the island to rest for the night, returning for food. In the middle of the island there is a lagoon (coral pond), is the habitat of some marine biota. On the island of Venue also save the site of a sacred tomb that until now physically still visible. Marine waters around the island have coral reefs of various shapes and colors, different types of marine biota associated with coral reefs bring up a stunning panorama of the ocean floor. Venue Island can be reached by sea with an average travel time 3 – 5 hours from the capital of Kaimana District by using Boat