Mamberamo River Tour

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The Mamberamo is a name a river in the province of Papua formerly was Irian Jaya or west Papua. It is the largest river in Papua province Indonesia by volume of discharge, and also the widest.

The river’s huge valley is home to various un-contacted peoples and incredible biodiversity. The Mamberamo area also broadly refers to several nearby mountain ranges, including the Van Rees and Foja Mountains, which were the subject of a recent rapid biological assessment conducted by Conservation International. The scientific team discovered the first new bird species from New Guinea in 60 years, and a wealth of other new plants and animals. The eastern part of the northern mountain range of Papua are the Foja or Gauttier Mountains.  It is an almost unexplored area which seems very promising for special endemic found and probably has a very high biodiversity.

The area is a part of a large complex of national parks, together with the Mamberamo and Rouffaer Reserves. The large river of Mamberamo actually cuts the northern mountain range in two and forms the border between the eastern Foja Mountains and the western Van Rees Mountains. At the base of the Foja Mountains, near Mamberamo River, is Dabra, a place where expeditions used to camp and still in use by recent expeditions.

Tause and Bauzi Tribe – their borders extend generally from the Mamberamo River westward, and as far south as the Lakes Plain region of Papua, Indonesia. The Bauzi are a group of about 1600 hunter-gatherers scattered around the Mamberamo area of Papua, still largely practicing the lifestyle handed down for generations. Outside contact began for them in the early 1970’s with the entrance of Christian teachers from the highlands and expatriate missionaries from the Regions Beyond Missionary Union. They were animists before and although nomadic, are now turning to more permanent villages in areas where contact with outsiders has been steady, and are starting to make gardens. read more..

Discover The Hidden Tribe in Mamberamo West Papua