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Jefalgi Papua Tours is local tour operator in Papua
We are a small tour operator but we would like you to know what our past quests have said about us? you may click our property on here for what the biggest travel site in the world said. So it is our hope that you are not wrong on choosing the type of your tour and trip in Papua can even choose the tour operator or local travel agent who truly professional as your partner in Papua –  If you would like to travel to Papua and learn about the culture way of life,  to see the jungle while to re-fresh your eyes or jungle sport, I think Papua in east Indonesia is one of  the best place in the world which you can visit. Contact us us for any question you might have. we will be happy to get in touch with you.
We recommend you to bring your own sleeping bags and thin mattress if you travel with us, if you don’t have it please to let us know as soon as possible as we can provide it to you before the trip begun. For the Special trip in Papua we will provide such as tents, mosquito net.
So what to bring; depending on the trip you will take, usually Raincoat, torch, lightweight clothing, will be more comfortable in the more humid coastal areas white a light sweater or jacket may be needed in the highland at night. Bring plastic raincoat to cover the camera or other necessary things, comfortable walking shoes, (high booth for Koroway adventure) Sandal, sun hat and block out, mosquito repellent, dark glasses, camera and lost of film.
For Raja Ampat Adventure :
Usually raincoat, Clothing, Camera, Sun Glasses, Sun Block, Swimsuit, Day pack, Mosquito’s spray, Good Hiking shoes, Sandal and personal needs.

Although no effort will spared to provide the requested services, Jefalgi Papua Tours acts only as agent for transportation companies, hotels and all of other contract and will therefore have disclaim responsibility for any loss, damage, accident, change of schedules, or other irregularities caused for arising from circumstances beyond of our control

General Conditions

Occasionally it be necessary to alter or amend itineraries, accommodation and sightseeing arrangement from our agreement of trip, this may be due to the road, weather, infrastructure, local condition and other operational need prevailing at the time and is always made in the best interest of your comfort.

We at Jefalgi Papua Tours unable to guarantee exact arrival and departure time is not liable for any failure make connection with any other service.


If a Participant cancels a trip before the departure date, the cancellation fees are as follows:

  1. After registration: Booking fee (Non Refundable)
  2. 30-15 calendar days before the departure date: 50% of the tour fee
  3. 14-07 calendar days before the departure date: 75% of the tour fee
  4. 06-00 calendar days before the departure date: 100% of the tour fee
The cancellation fees above also apply to:
1. Participants who change the date of departure or change the package / type of tour.
2. Participants who are late in giving the requirements (example: Passport / Visa) from the deadline specified by Jefalgi Tours so that Participants cannot leave on time
3. Cancellations made by one of the parties (Participants or Jefalgi Tours) due to natural disasters, war, riots, epidemics, terrorist acts or other ‘Force Majeure’ conditions, the above provisions may change at any time without notice first, it depends on the policies of the airlines, hotels, agents abroad and Government. (Force Majeure; An event that occurs beyond human capability and cannot be avoided so that an activity cannot be carried out as it should).

4. Jefalgi Tours has the right to cancel the registration of tour participants who have not paid an advance or payment according to the deadline determined by Jefalgi Tours

After commencement of travel, no refund in full or in part will be given for services included in the program which not utilized.
How to Book
After you have read information above you should made contact to us, or either you may have on other’s tailored program then send it to us.
Climate in Papua/Baliem Valley
During the day around 20-32 degress Celcius. in the evening and at night temperatures can drop to 10-15 degress celcius. due to the high altitude. Sunshine and short rainfalls alternate. In general the climate is good to handle, not too hot, not too cold. There is no rain season, same conditions throughout the year
It is recommended to arrange a Cancellation Insurance from home for your flights and to have good medical insurance, a baggage loss or damage insurance or combined travel insurance. Please check before your journey if your insurance is also valid in Asian countries. We strongly recommend having a travel insurance.
Please get advice from your local medical center from home. For some parts of Indonesia malaria prophylactics are recommended as well as booster injections for intestinal diseases and hepatitis A and B. While in Indonesia or Papua we  ensure you will run no risk of “traveler’s diseases” as the food is prepared with a high degree of hygiene and all the drinking water comes from bottles or from trusted sources. Please ensure your medical insurance covers your vacation if needed.
For the highlands of Papua there is currently no compulsory vaccination. However, protection against hepatitis, polio and tetanus etc. is recommended. In the highlands there is no malaria danger. In the bigger cities of Jayapura and Timika there is a certain malaria risk. Here, it is recommended to protect oneself against mosquito bites with special sprays (Autan) and long sleeved clothes. For journeys to the lowland regions of Asmat and Koroway a malaria prophylaxis is absolutely essential. A recommendable anti-malaria tablet is Malarone, due to its low adverse effects. Please contact your doctor or check on the internet. If need be, also ask for your doctor’s advice on thrombosis and other health threats. During your journey you should not drink tab water. Also ice, unpeeled fruits and salads should only be eaten in better touristic locations. In general you should consume a lot of liquids. Sunglasses, hats and sunscreen protect against the sun and are strongly recommended.
Please bring all the medication you need or want to have with you from home in sufficient quantity. In Papua there exist some pharmacies but their stock is limited and special medication will probably not be available.
Physical requirements
The physical requirements are depending or where you want to go. Day tours in the Baliem Valley are done by car or easy walking. Because of the higher altitude some people might become tired quicker but there is never a need to rush and our experienced local guides will adjust the walking speed to your individual abilities. Expedition tours have a different level of difficulty. Please see the tour descriptions for details.

In most of the visited areas crime can be said to be lower than in most parts of Europe. Only at market places and airports you should take extra care of your luggage and other belongings (thieves).
Tips are a personal matter. But in general, tour guides, drivers and all the helpers in the background are happy when they receive a little reward when doing a good job.
Non-alcoholic drinks Including beers are available in Baliem Valley or Papua and in all restaurants. Further alcoholic drinks (whiskey etc) are strictly limited in Papua.  Therefore, if you like to enjoy the time with alcoholic drinks  we recommend you to buy from Bali or Jakarta before entering Papua.
Light clothing is recommended, made for hot or tropical conditions. In Baliem Valley it can be quite cold in the evening. Here we recommend to also bring some warm clothes and a jacket.
Time Difference
Time difference from Europe is  +5 to Jakarta,  +6 to Bali,  and +7 Papua hours.
Maximum weight on domestic flights is 20 kg. On the flights Jayapura – Wamena weight limit is 10 kg! Overweight needs to be paid. If you have too much, think of leaving unneeded things in your hotel in Jayapura and we are happy to save them in our office in Jayapura. All important belongings should always be carried in your hand luggage. Furthermore, it is recommended that you hand luggage contains a basic equipment in case your main luggage arrives with delay.
Currency, Cards, Cash
The local currency is the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). Most hotels and restaurants in Bali or Jakarta accept credit cards, but it’s always helpful to have some local currency to hand. On Bali or Jakarta there are plenty of ATM cash machines that service most foreign bank cards, most common are those servicing cards with the Cirrus and Maestro logos. but in Papua during you stay here we recommend you to always  hold Rupiah currency due to some hotels, restaurants does not accept foreign money or something like credit card.
You will need Indonesian Rupiah should you wish to purchase local handicrafts when visiting villages or markets during the trip in Papua.
Domestic Flights
It is not uncommon in Indonesia for domestic flights to be delayed, rescheduled or cancelled altogether! For this reason, we always recommend that you overnight in Bali, Jakarta, Medan or wherever you enter or leave from Indonesia, before taking your onward flight & do not try to catch an international flight the same day to Papua.
Domestic airlines typically impose a strict weight restriction of 20kg per person for checked luggage & 7kg max for carry-on luggage. Excess luggage is charged per kilo and is payable in Rupiah cash at the airport. Please note that excess luggage is not guaranteed to arrive at the same time as the passenger!
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