wonderful raja ampat


According to the Conservation International Rapid Assessment Bulletin, the marine life diversity for scuba swim in West Papua is considerably greater than all another areas sampled in the coral polygon of Indonesia, state and island New Guinea – the cream of the cream in world diving. Over 1,200 fish species – a world achievement 284 on one azygos dive at Kofiau Island, the criterion figure for an excellent dive site of 200 fish species surpassed on 51% of Raja Ampat dives (another world record), 600 coral species, 699 invertebrate species – again another world high. The term “Frontier Diving” seems to have been invented for raja ampat in west papua.

Raja Ampat by Joel Santos

To meet these waters is to feel at the bounds of the earth. To gaze over crystalline seas at the beehive-shaped, largely depopulated islands is to be as farther away from it all as you can imagine. At night time in Misool you can peer discover at the scope and maybe wager one or digit distant specks of light.


Activities like diving in Raja Ampat to view another life in the underwater world, of course diving activities makes us long life, some of our previous clients say that the beauty of the underwater Raja Ampat is fabulous and the only one in the world and probably the best dive spot in Indonesia. Learning to dive is not difficult, just for basic training for the traveled under water, our instructors will provide basic education how to dive safely and fun, it will probably take 1 to 2 days, after that you can dive as much to enjoy the underwater of Raja Ampat guided by our dive master