baliem valley tour & festival 2018

Group Scheduled 
Duration                     :  05 Days – 04 Nights
Traveling  Date         :  07th  – 11th AUGUST 2018
Trip Level                  :  Easy
Participant                :  Max. 12 People
Accommodation       :  Very Simple Accommodation
Group Leader            :  English Speaking Guide.


Outline Itinerary

It is recommended to be arrive in Jayapura Papua at Sentani Airport latest at 08:00am but very recommended to be arrive one day earlier in Papua at Sentani Airport (Monday, August 6th). At the Airport meeting with other people of Group. From here you will be dropped directly to another gate for catch the another flight depart to Wamena with schedule at 10.20 AM. After lunch by car to Aikima  village to  explore the Local traditional people of baliem valley. Along the way you will find the Danis working in their sweet potatoes fields and will see their daily activities. Arrive at Suroba, walk through the pine forest, We will hike in 1-2 hours through the beautiful countryside and traditional houses of Dani people but you can not avoid a muddy & slippery path with single log bridge).

After breakfast,  we drive up to Syopkosi village with altitude above 1800 meters above the sea level to view of spectacular of Baliem Valley from high hills. From here we hike down through the foot of valley in approximately 2 hours to enjoy the beautiful nature and countryside of Dani People.  Lunch in Box is provided
After lunch proceed we drive to Kurulu direction in the central Baliem Valley where a very old mummy of the famous Dogum clan is proudly presented for your viewing. In the vicinity we will see more picturesque hamlets.

Baliem Valley Festival – As indicated in the calender that today is a for you to enjoy the Baliem Valley  Festival. The Baliem Valley Cultural Festival is a  very rare chance to witness clans from different indigenous tribes  displaying their culture and skills in tribal warfare, dance and  music. It is a truly unforgettable experience and a real once in a  lifetime opportunity. Lunch boxes will be provided in the festival place. Late afternoon drive back to Wamena.

After breakfast we will travel by chartered car to the location of the Baliem Valley festival (entrance fee to ther festival have included). The place where they hold the ceremony changes from year to year.  You will have a chance to see and enjoy these cultural festival for one day.  Lunch boxes will be provided in the festival place. Late afternoon drive back to Wamena for accommodation. Dinner will be on your account.

This morning you will catch a morning flight to Jayapura by at 06:15am (our breakfast at hotel might not be ready),  baggage allowed for this flight is only 10kg per  passenger. Direct connect flight to Sorong, Makasar, Jakarta or Denpasar.

Above program and itinerary is flexible or depend on local conditions, flights, weather, etc

Reservation/Booking is made Before May 30th    =   ???   US$ Per Person
Reservation/Booking is made Before May 30th    =   ???   US$ Per Person
Additional Charge for  Single Room (When Available)  =  ???  US$ Per Room

Included in The Tour Price

  • Internal flights: Jayapura/Wamena/Jayapura (return)
  • 4 Nights stay in the simple accommodation/Local Houses in the town
  • Meals as indicated above
  • All Tour, transfers In/Out
  • Land Transports to the villages
  • English-speaking guide
  • Entrance fees to Villages & Baliem Valley Festival
  • Necessary Travel Permits

Not Included in The Tour Price

  • All Insurance, Dinner in the town, Laundry, Telephone, Beverage
  • Photograph fee for local people and Other personal expenses.


Tour & Travel To Papua

Discover an unique culture and wonderful nature of Papua

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Baliem Valley Tours

Wamena was a point of departure for many expeditions. The Dani villages are visited by virtually every tourist who sets out in Papua. Some villages even show their original customs and hold mock wars. With us you can be in a face to face contact with Dani people. Dani build round or oval huts, and their villages are enclosed by fences. They are farmers, and their small fields are distinctly bordered. This is what helped Richard Archbold spot them from the plane. The Dani tribe’s customs and culture are very rich and interesting.  The main reason that the Dani tribe is so well known, is that the Baliem valley where they live, is relatively easy to reach these days. read more

Adventure to Korowai Territory

Korowai – tree people – one of the least civilized tribes on Papua. Women walk half-naked, their genitals covered only with grass skirts. They decorate themselves with dog and pig teeth and with tusks of wild boars. Some of them still live in the houses built in tree-tops. Korowai Tribe live in an area which is behind the imaginary “pacification line“. Korowai tribe is for the larger part an intolerant tribe, which rejects civilization and contact with missionaries or neighboring tribes. Despite that, we managed to get into their territory and become to a certain extend friends with them. Our friendship is fragile, very unstable and uncertain when it comes to their. read more.

Raja Ampat West Papua

One of the more intriguing vacation destinations recommended is that of Raja Ampat, located off the coast of New Guinea in Indonesia’s West Papua province. The region is an archipelago comprised of more than 1,000 small islands and four main islands. The name actually means “Four Kings,” and dates back to local folklore concerning eggs hatching into kings, which are symbolized by the four main islands of Misool, Salawati, Waigeo and Batanta. The Raja Ampat has been called the Amazon of the Oceans and rates as number one for the region of the world containing the most underwater biodiversity. It’s one of the best places on earth for snorkeling or even diving, and the locals welcome visitors.. read more


Hi all…We’re a young Portuguese couple living and working in Timor-Leste and we have just came back from a trip to Papua and West Papua: Jayapura/Sentani, Raja Ampat and Baliem Valley. As already noted in a previous post, this is Papua and West Papua, not PNG. In Raja Ampat we did boat tours, scuba-diving and bird-watching; in Baliem Valley we did a 4-day trek among the Dani villages. We had a truly fantastic time and it was largely thanks to Athan and the team at Jefalgi Papua Tours, who did everything to meet our requests, keep us safe, help us with the flights and transfers, answer all our questions, and generally make sure we had a truly unforgettable trip. They really went out of their way to help us with everything, so we really recommend them to anyone planning to travel in Papua and West Papua. Hopefully we’ll be back next year to do the Korowai trip! thanks  Alexmore.

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We are all born with sin. Even if you are a ‘good’ person, you still have sin. (Romans 5:12, Romans 3:23)

Baliem Valley Papua

You have probably seen the famous photos of Dani tribe members with boar tusks in their noses, and headdresses made of Paradise birds feathers. Dani men only wear long and thin kotekas. The women Danis wear short skirts woven from orchid fibers, decorated with straw, and with indispensable woven bags called “noken” across their backs. Similar to the women of the Yali tribe, the Dani women wear short skirts below their butts.

Despite the fact that Danis were discovered quite late – in 1938, they became one of the best known tribes in New Guinea. Dani occupied one of the most fertile parts of Papua. As a result they often had to fight for their territory. There were also frequent wars among the Danis themselves. They were the most dreaded head-hunting tribe on the island, which is even more remarkable if we consider that they did not eat their enemies, like the majority of other Papuan tribes did.

Jefalgi Papua Tours – With us you can be in a face to face contact with Dani people. Dani build round or oval huts, and their villages are enclosed by fences. They are farmers, and their small fields are distinctly bordered. This is what helped Richard Archbold spot them from the plane. The Dani tribe’s customs and culture are very rich and interesting.

Wamena was a point of departure for many expeditions. The Dani villages are visited by virtually every tourist who sets out in west Papua. Some villages even show their original customs and hold mock wars. Another thing which brought fame to the Dani tribe are the several hundred years old ”smoked” mummies of famous tribesmen. Three of them can be seen in the Baliem valley – in Akima, Pumo and Jiwika villages.

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trekking tour in baliem valley is the best option among the other tours in highland of papua, also in the western of baliem valley area you can experience the culture and tribal war. Have a look some of our papua tour packages describing the tour with some options.

Korowai Tree House Tribe adventure

The Adventure – The walking adventure is mostly through the dense jungle, swampy, and we sometime walking up the single log. Sometime our porter will free their hand to help you in the hard or difficult trail. The Korowai  tribes live in the jungle only with their family or relatives, as they never stay in one big compound. We can found 2 or 3 Tree house in one camp only. Caused they are nomad peoples and they never life for such a long time in the one places, they have to moved to one and another places to get more food and animals to be hunt. We will stay with Korowai in their bevak or we build a tent or up the tree house if permitted.

KOROWAI  always moves from one place to another in order to be close to the foods and hunted animals provides by nature. Korowai and Kombai are hunter and gatherer who move and build a new tree house once every 3 years. For this reason we do not fix the place of our destination or what activities we do day by day. Once we arrive in Mabul or Upper Mabul, our contact person will telling us and update all the information in Korowai and Kombai area including the people and their tree house or if there is any sago grub feast take place while we are in the area. Sago grub feast is the main ritual ceremony in Korowai Batu tribe to re-new their world and relation with God/Spirit and among their own people in the clans or groups. We will arrange our visit to the place where the feast will serve a lot of foods including the most delicacy “Sago Grub” to the invited guests and every one will put on their best wear and dancing. Traditional wear of Korowai is very simple, men wear a piece of leave or a small penis gourd to cover their penis and women wear the skirt made of woven sago leafs. Compared Kombai tribe wear the same with Korowai but some of Kombai men wear hornbill head instead of the gourd during the feast time.

THE TRAIL ; The trail is going through the swampy lands so you will get wet and could be very slippery and muddy when it rains. The weather is very unpredictable here. During the dry season (May – Oct) it can be very dry. So, prepare your self to the wet or hot weather condition with a humidity from 65 – 99% or may be more. The surface of our trail into the forest is almost flat, no hike and we likely walk under the canopy of the forest’s trees most if the time. Tropic rain forest provides varies of wild life, beautiful and exotic fauna and flora, but you have to concentrate and watch carefully your steps especially when you have to walk on logs or fallen tree in the small river or sago swamp. For that we will always take 15 to 30 minutes break every time you need to drink water after one or two hours walk.

korowai tribes
Korowai tribe

NIGHT CAMP;  We overnight a tent near the tree house, but should you want to sleep on a tree house with Korowai Batu family bring your own mosquito net or you can use our own. We sometime spend 1-2  nights in one place of the tree house of there are some interesting event in the place and the family would like to host us that we can joining their daily activities. We really think that by joining the local daily activities is the best way to understand and experience the local life and culture. If there is no sago grub feast take place while we are in the area, we will joining the local people daily life activities (e.g. gathering foods/sago, fishing, hunting or put on the trap for animal like pig or birds). We sometime watch people build a new tree house .

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