A honest and helpful company for Baliem Valley/Papua!!

Planning a trip to Papua can be confusing and expensive. But thanks to people like Mr. Athan, the process can become a lot simpler and manageable! The best thing about him is that he does not try to sell you HIS company/tours or try to put down his competitors. It is amazing to see that honest and helpful people like him still exist in the world and not everyone is trying to make a quick buck. He provided us with detailed information and answered all our questions patiently, in addition to being very open to us “shopping around.” If you are looking for a less “touristy” experience, check out the option D on their “tours” page. The tours are well planned and well priced. Instead of choosing more expensive European tour providers, I would support a local and highly recommend Jefalgi Tours! (Pak86, February 2018).