Great experience before being their customer!

Unbelievable but true.

I had many hours delay on the way to Papua, accordingly missed so many flights, paid and still paying so many penalties, buying more expensive flight tickets, even can not buy in some sectors!, had to cancel arrangements etc… etc…etc…etc…etc…etc…etc…etc… and of course, at the last moment, I was in trouble, I had to be quick since the days were counting back and I wanted some local support to re-plan everything.

You might be surprised but this was not the unbelievable part: This was the true part. Jefalgi and Athan was the unbelievable part.

Just called Jefalgi. To get some information. It is unbeliavable how Athan supported me in our call which was after business hours. In ever detail he shared insights that can make my days in Papua really easy (even if for the things they don’t offer or give service). Most people could say, I don’t know and hang up. More than 30 minutes on the phone, this man is so giving, so helpful and so kind. I really appreciate his help.

Even though I did not yet get their service, will soon, I just wanted to share this here  They deserve it. My 5 minutes here is nothing compared to his 30+ minutes with all good insights and friendship. (Kaan.S, January 2018)