Tour Packages of papua

8 days Trekking in The Koroway Tribe Territory

10 days Trekking in The Koroway Tribe territory

11 days Koroway Tree House People Adventure
14 days journey into the stone age culture – baliem valley 
15 days Koroway Tribe – Baliem Valley Trekking

12 days Baliem Valley – Yali Tribe Trekking
13 days Yali Tribe Trekking

9 days Mamberamo River Tour

If you are Solo or Single Traveler and want to join our group,  please check out-our group list- 2019 Group Scheduled.

Dani tribesmen in papua

If there are 4 or more people wanting to find a more challenging and more primitive area of our tour above, you can ask us by clicking this page.

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