Yali Tribe Territory Trekking 13 days

Outline Itinerary
Day 01: Jayapura / Sentani – Wamena   (O)  Morning arrivals from at Sentani airport of Jayapura, meeting service then connect with the second flight to Wamena ETD 10:00 or 12:00. Arrive at Wamena airport transfer to Baliem Pilamo hotel for check in and a short briefing by guide about the trip.  Accommodation at Baliem Pilamo Hotel.
Day 02: Trekking (6 hours)  (B,L,D) Today is just  3,5 hour to walk. After the porter arrived with a truck, we walked to the river we crossed a suspension bridge of Baliem. Then we walked along the river to the village of Seima. Along the path there are two small villages and wild strawberries growing along the path. As we approach the southeastern tip of the Baliem Valley, we pass through villages and fields of potatoes, trek up more slowly and on to accomplish in six hours to Hitugi village where we set up the tents near the school.

yali tribe territory papua

Day 03: Trekking (6 hours) (B,L,D) The first 1.5 hours, via a suspension bridge we follow the left side of the river upstream of Mugi.Just past the village we will rest in Yuarima. 1.5 hours later we arrived at a plateau where we have to climb it. After lunch back up the mountain through a flat piece of land, hope we can arrive within hours in the village of Jogosim or airfields to look around and lying on a beautiful plateau at the foot of the waterfall, where some areas even a few cows! We set up tents inside the village fence, or maybe it was possible for a house to live.
Day 04: Trekking (5.5 hours) (B,L,D) This morning begins with an hour to climb slowly up the ridge. The next route is straight into the forest. Note that to  trek for the next two weeks from now is very long!  Very spectacular rain forest, we heard the occasional sound of birds, sometimes met with beautiful flowers, especially leafy green, brown and black mud. After 1.5 hours to walk there when we crossed the creek through the fallen timber and then climb to the village on the plains of Kiroma. Half an hour later we arrived at the river Mugi and take a lunch. We followed the river for 10 minutes before camp. This area is also well the first forest with little room to build a tents, Guide and is assisted by a porter to support a major effort to cut the big tree. The porters sleep  outside under a bigger tent. We enjoyed their beautiful singing camp fire. Some porters of course have problem  because difficulty sleeping the cold condition, singing amazing. They never complain, but always to sing.
Day 05: Trekking (5 hours) (B,L,D) After about 10 minutes to get through the jungle river Siyampas village, and then follow the river site, then 1.5 hours to its source. Really great, 100 times climbing on slippery rocks, balancing on slippery logs. Only in the Village of Siyam we meet with more sunny weather and even see Jogosim dan Kiroma village. We just hope you do not fall too often, because you climb  up and down through the mountains with a beautiful tree ferns and many marsh mud. On Larger path because everyone is trying to keep their feet dry, but in useless because you will not be success even if the rainy season or not . The next day is a long day to Elitpas, especially  trekking down reaches 1000 meters straight. We set up a tent in next shelter.
wooden bridge
Day 06: Trekking (9 hours) (B,L,D) Today is a long trek and difficult. After an hour on the  swampy area to reach 3500 meters high,  in the middle of the path there is a good place for lunch. With clear weather you have a fantastic view to the east, seen from a distance Prongoli village, a place where it should peak Yamin and Mandala is behind Papua New Guinea.  it was too steep or not possible to get there.  Start here derived is very difficult and very steep and dangerous this is an area that few tropical plants that grow there. Everyone should be very careful and slowly, must always be accompanied by a guide or porter. The best thing is to spend more time to get off and concentrated and hope that it will not rain. In this section is the problem with  baggages! . Now you can see the forest in the highlands of the vast collection of banana trees. Thereis good a place for overnight. Next approximately one hour down to step part of the river, and then an hour walk through dense forest to find a flat place and sleep in tents.
Day 07: Trekking (2.5 hours) (B,L,D) 1.5 hours through the steep rain forest here. we see gather some groups of childrens, men and women, they were 6-10 years old – all of them with bows and arrows, and the girls wearing grass skirts made from special grass. One hour later we were in the flat grass with incredible views of Prongoli, a village airstrip is greater. 10 minutes walk from the location of the camp in the south is a nice waterfall to take bath and wash clothes. At night, the childrens in the village close to us for singing.
Day 08: Trekking (5 hours) (B,L,D) We visit the Yali’s field, where many women and children offered us sugar cane. Slowly up and down the hill for 2.5 hours, all slippery and wet conditions. Here you will watch from far  distance to direction of Anguruk in a large valley. Approximately one hour walk to a small river where we can take a lunch. We have seen some of the “rattan man” (yali man with traditional cloth) come to us. Until the Tanggelmo we will find a place to camp, which is very good and quiet with few people Yaly and beautiful views.Yali village
Day 09: Trekking (4 hours) (B,L,D) Straight to the southeast, first slowly up the ridge, but very steep and very muddy, through several villages, after  1,5  hours we reached the river there are two small villages, and after lunch two hours walk to Anguruk . There is a large Losmen for stay overnight.
Day 10: Rest day (B,L,D) We take one day of rest on the Village Anguruk and visit local market. There is a larger airstrip here, a small hospital, schools and Protestant churches. There is also a soccer field and volleyball, are widely used by the public as to the airfield which used several times a week and  busy local market. Tonight we still stay at Losmen in Angguruk.
DAY 11 :  Return To Wamena  (B,L) Morning return by your charter Mission flight back to Wamena. Arrive at Wamena transfer to the hotel for accommodation. Dinner will be on your account
DAY 12 : Flight To  Jayapura  (B,L) Breakfast at hotel, transfer to the airport for your flight by regular Flight at 08:00 leaving for Jayapura. Upon your arrival at Sentani airport of Jayapura.  By car sightseeing tour including boating at lake Sentani to explore Sentani tribe with their bark painting for 2 hours. Lunch served at Yougwa restaurant near the lake. After lunch, see the Anthropology museum (open from Monday to Saturday at 09.00-14.00). Overnight at stars Hotel, dinner on your account.
DAY 13 : Jayapura  Departure   (B) After breakfast, depart to Sentani Airport for your next destination.
All itineraries mentioned on program, All land transportation including Airport transfers in Jayapura and Wamena, Accommodation on share bases  English Speaking Guide, Full board Meals (BLD), Cook during treking, Yali’s Traditional dance, Traveling Permit Arrangement, Entrance fee.
All Insurance, Telephone, Laundry, beverage, Domestic Airfares with its Airport taxes, Personal Expenses, Please provide  your own Mattress and sleeping bags.